RingsThere is no other wedding that has been or will be like yours. OK, the overarching story is the same – two people get married, but that’s pretty much where the similarities end. It is in the sensitive photographic retelling of the unique stories, venues, people, characters and emotions that distinguishes a wedding album from your wedding album. It is my aim to photograph your day so that when look back you’ll not only see treasured moments and captured memories, but the story of your special day.


To achieve the retelling in pictures, I try to minimise the need to disrupt or intervene in the general pattern of the day. To tell a story you need to capture things that are lost somewhat when you ask the subjects to say “cheese”! That said, there is ‘power in the pose’ and these style of photographs are essential in recording the day, and can contribute to the retelling of it too.

At the end of the day (not THE day!), I am keen to hear and discuss your wishes and expectations and to be committed ultimately to provide a suite of photographs that you treasure!

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