What happens

Step 1 Kicking things off

Thank you for choosing me as your photographer for your special day, it’s a privilege and I’m sure you will be more than happy with your decision.

We will have an initial meeting primarily to get know one another so that you’ll feel comfortable and at ease with me and to feel free to be open about your expectations for the day.  We’ll also have opportunity to discuss and confirm which package or custom requirements you have for the day.

To secure the booking you will need to pay a non-refundable deposit of £200 and sign a booking form.  Once that is done, you’ll be in my diary and I’ll be off to buff the lenses and charge the batteries!

Step 2 A little time before the wedding

I will be visiting the venue at least once prior to the wedding, hopefully one occasion will be with you and the bride or groom to be.  This will allow us to discuss the potential of the venue for particular shots and photo opportunities and for me to be familiar with the layout.

We will also meet once more, ideally at least one month before the wedding to run through and agree particular ‘must-have’ shots that you want.  I will also need other information such as the running order of the day, useful contacts etc.

At this point the remaining balance is due.

Step 3 On the day

Regardless of the type of package you’ve asked for, I will be prepared and ready to capture your day in a way that I know you’ll love.

Step 4 A little time after the wedding

Whilst you’re enjoying new marital bliss on honeymoon (or not!), I will be filtering through and selecting the best shots of your day ready to present them to you within 2 to 3 weeks of your wedding day.  I will get in touch to so that you may get to see your photographs, whether it would be to meet-up or so that you have a web address to view them online.  You will also select which photographs which will get that extra special touch (see ‘premium photographs‘).

Step 5 A little time after that

You may or may not have chosen to have an album or some framed prints, if you have, then it’s during this time they will be carefully prepared for you to enjoy.  The length of time this takes depends on what you’ve ordered, typically this will be a further 2 to 3 weeks.

If you’re just wanting the digital files of the wedding photographs then these will be posted to you just 1 week after you’ve selected your premium photographs.

Step 6  Shortly after that

After about 5-8 weeks after the wedding all photographic prints, whether you’ve ordered albums or framed prints, they will be in your hands ready to be displayed to friends and family.

A long time after that

I will be a little more greyer and probably slightly more rounder, yet you will be enjoying and reminiscing about your wedding day in a loving embrace whilst looking at a beautiful set of photographs…